MCL review: howie and friends scrapbook… plus a giveaway!!

Oh my, MCLers, the second I started going through this scrapbook, I was very excited to tell you all about it!

The book is called “It’s A Cat’s Life” from the Howie and Friends pet product company created by L’Ann Bingham. L’Ann was inspired by her wonderful 13-and-a-half year relationship with her kitty Howie, and she wanted to help other cat owners explore their own bonds with their kitties through this scrapbook.

This book is perfect for all cat lovers. There are plenty of spaces to paste in pictures for all the special moments of your cat’s life, from the time you adopt them to the time they begin to grow old! You can document all your cats likes and dislikes and different kinds of behaviors! The book is unique in that it offers prompts that not only help you direct your writing, but also help you explore different things you learn about your kitty over time.

The whole book is narrated by Howie the kitty, and he shares different moments in his life–from the happy, to the funny, to the scary, and the sad–throughout the different kitty life stages of the book. Many of Howie’s stories were very relatable, and all of them were very touching. They accompany spaces for you to tell your kitty’s own stories: everything from birthdays, to travels, to playtime, to the types of food and litter your kitty likes (or hates!), favorite toys, naughty behaviors silly moments, and moments of growth.

One of the most unique aspects of this scrapbook, and one that would make this book a perfect gift for a first-time cat owner, is the many, many pieces of advice for cat owners. The book discusses cat safety for the great outdoors, litter and food choices, collar-wearing, fleas, claws, microchips, and many more important cat-raising issues. Each discussion gives important information in a fun way as it relates to Howie, and then you can write in how you handle these things for your kitty.

“It’s A Cat’s Life” also has folders in the back where you can store information of the utmost importance, including all your kitty’s medical records, insurance policy information, and microchip information. There is also a portion of the book dedicated solely to writing about vet trips and the results, and for keeping track of changes to kitty’s medical needs. This can include instructions for care, which would be very valuable for a cat sitter! There is even a place to write down numbers of various people who love to cat-sit for you when you travel.

And of course, there is plenty of space to write about all the adorable thing your cat does–all the stories we love to share with each other on MCL and with our cat-loving friends that only they can understand! This book really is a one-stop-place for EVERYTHING you could ever want to remember about your little kitty!

There is so much more in this adorable, great scrapbook, but you will just have to get one to truly explore all the treasures inside. The best part? A percentage of all proceeds from each scrapbook sold goes to Howie’s Royalties, a fund that goes to help shelter pets. You just can’t beat that!

So, sounds like a pretty fantastic kitty scrapbook, right? Well, the folks at Howie and Friends were kind enough to offer us a scrapbook to giveaway to one of our amazing readers!!! Here’s how you enter the giveaway:

1. Like the Howie & Friends Facebook Page Here!

That’s all you have to do! Giveaway ends Sunday, November 18 at 11:59PM, so make sure you have liked the Howie and Friends page AND commented on this post, and you can win this scrapbook!!

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5 Responses to MCL review: howie and friends scrapbook… plus a giveaway!!

  1. Chryl says:

    This is such a cute idea, and it will be a great Christmas gift for the kids. I will tell them when ever they come over to Nana’s house bring your scrap books. They each have their own cats and of course will want to show them off ! =^..^= We do journals too, so this will be a nice addition. Oh this will be fun !!

  2. Brooke Nesbitt says:

    I would love to win this scrapbook! I have two precious kitties, and would really enjoy being able to keep all of their adorable things they do and documents in one place!

  3. love this! says:

    I love this. Such an amazing way to brag about your Kitty!!

  4. TiffanyB says:

    Such a cute idea >^._.^<

  5. susan says:

    I am adopting a little siamese mix kitten. He is 5 weeks old right now but in 3 weeks I get to bring him home. His name is Kent and that Howie and Friends scrapbook would be so sweet. I take 100′s of pictures of my babies and this scrapbook has so much to fill in. Kent would love it (his mom would too).

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