vote Hank the Cat in 2012!

Politics can be so tiresome! But if you haven’t already heard about him, there is one politician out there who’s got my vote: Hank the Cat (unfortunately his site seems to be unable to handle recent traffic, I couldn’t get the page to load! But definitely check him out on facebook), running for U.S. Senate in Virginia.

Hank’s first inspiring Campaign video tells us he’s ready to lead:

From his campaign site, Hank seems perfectly qualified to lead us to a better future: “Hank’s story and dedication have inspired all who know him, and he realized that his ideas and unique life experiences could help his community, his state, and his country.”

But it’s just come out that Hank has enemies trying to smear him. The “Canines for a Feline-Free Tomorrow Super PAC” have released an attack ad questioning Hank’s ability!

Will Hank answer these allegations? Can his campaign survive these malicous ads? For now, Hank’s campaign manager says Hank won’t even dignify such outrageous accusations with a response: “Hank is refusing to respond to baseless attack ads. Hank states that this is exactly the type of advertising and wastefulness in Washington that he is running against, and absolute proof that he is scaring those in charge.”

I definitely support Hank, and why stop with the Senate? HANK FOR PRESIDENT 2016! Who do you trust more: a Republican, a Democrat, or a Housecat? Given the options and what we’ve seen the last few years, I have to go with the Housecat.

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