maneki neko monday: misfortune cat?

As we are all well-aware, I am a fan of some very weird things and have a macabre sense of humor. Today I want to bring you yet another one of those internet oddities by introducing Misfortune Cat:

Misfortune Cat is an amusing, dark take on the Maneki Neko thought up by designer Ferg, whose site is unfortunately down for maintenance. The Misfortune Cat came about as a vinyl toy back in 2009, and from what I can gather, sold out incredibly quickly on (which also has some other sold out but unique vinyl sculptures)!

Being a fan of creepy things, I love the funky, weirdo spin on the Maneki Neko Ferg came up with. Though the original Misfortune Cat is no longer available, a few designers have made customs of Misfortune Cat available at

These twisted Maneki Nekos are probably way too strange for most people, but they are right up my alley! Hahaha! They are very amusing to me, and still …kind of cute!

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