a caturday collection: 25 cats in christmas trees

As it’s now December, it’s likely that you’ve already put up your Christmas tree. It’s also likely that your cat has decided to make the tree his or her new home/toy.

My boyfriend and I are still debating about whether or not to put up a tree. Though we had enough room to do so last year, we decided to forgo it. But this year I feel like we should make an attempt at bringing some festivity into our home, and I’m thinking that we really probably ought to get a tree. I need something on which to hang all the adorable cat ornaments I’m going to start collecting, right?

I’m a bit nervous, though. Chris’s cats were exposed to a tree several years ago, and Persy took quite a liking to it; my cats, however, as well as Creamsicle, have never seen a full-size tree, and I really don’t know what they’ll do to it. They’ll definitely pull off ornaments—they did that with the mini tree I’ve put up before, and they love playing with things they shouldn’t play with—but will they decide to climb it? My cats are fairly large, and I can already see the tree toppling over…

How does your cat react to the Christmas tree? I’m sure some of you have had your share of merry mishaps. Here’s a collection of 25 cats in Christmas trees—fortunately no cat-astrophes are pictured, but who knows what wasn’t caught on camera? If you have any of your own, please share! As always, please click the photo to be taken to the photographer’s Flickr page.

nom nom

HeidiS - Cat in a christmas tree

white cat in tree

Peter Yankov - Cat in a Tree

daverodriguez - Cat in Tree

mariano57 - Cat in Xmas Tree

ninahale - meow!

Ambrosio Photography - Cats Love Trees!

BENJIRAISON - schrodinger the cat in the christmas tree

pixel_bettie - chilli_tree2

cat ornament

Adam Preble - Still Into Trees

christmas tree

dropstitch - lola in the tree

mariannecotelecavalier - she loves my tree

Kitty in the Christmas Tree E

elliemae1 - Rufus in the Christmas tree

kibblesthepig - Idiot Cat

Bonnie@CB Portraits - ridiculous

Jeanne-Erin - Jack in a tree

BrettBurkhardt - stewy in the tree

Adam Haus - cat in his natural habitat

Dont Touch That Tree

orangeaurochs - Cat in a Christmas Tree

striker300southpaw - kitty in the christmas tree

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3 Responses to a caturday collection: 25 cats in christmas trees

  1. Mike Grainger says:

    great pix’s– i love cats

  2. That is brilliant. The black and white kitties in the trees are my favourites, probably cause their colours stick out more…. :)

  3. linda says:

    Great Pictures! Thanks for sharing…. Merry Christmas

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