a caturday collection: cats in costume

Halloween is almost here! Is your kitty dressing up? I don’t think I’ll be dressing up mine, as they hate it and usually just fall over and lie there pathetically… Such spoilsports!

Here are some of my favorite kitty costumes. I’m sure you’ve seen several of them before, but I felt they needed to be included in my collection. Enjoy!

Malingering - the cats do halloween

jciv - Cat in the Pumpkin Hat

timchao - Lobster Cat Is A Fearsome Foe

tron cat

Ursula and Olive - Luke Halloween 2010

devlyn - Hello Kitty cat costume

windy234 - cleo rawr she's a dinosaur

tsorningold - Happy Halloween 2010

I iz Cheezeburger by Hannamations

Nibbler Futurama Costume by Beetlecat

Onyx frog by ladymorgana

spider cat costume

sushi cat costume

batman cat

kimmie - Gabby as a Giraffe

emily.schwarting - Oh yes. I went there.

Danielleorama - Tammy as a squirrel!

piggy cat costume

little frog kitten

Merveilleux - kitty pig costume

stacya - October 31

hopers - I Can Haz Treetz?

lion cat costume

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9 Responses to a caturday collection: cats in costume

  1. Nicole says:

    Who says cats don’t have expressions? By these examples, it seems to mainly be resignation.

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  3. Ann says:

    “OMG, how can you do this to me. It is so humiliating”. And maybe plotting revenge!

  4. Missy says:

    the one with the green ‘kermit’ one is SOOOOO photo shopped! But the rest are adorable. LOVE the hello kitty one the most!

  5. Rob says:

    My cat would murder me in my sleep if I even thought about doing this.

  6. nancy sandoval says:

    Who’s idea was it to start dressing cats in clothes? Aren’t they cute enough already? If you want to dress something up get a doll, have a baby, dress up your hubby. Does anyone ever notice how simply miserable cats that are dressed up look. The fight you must go thru to get him or her into those outfits. Your cat is just learning to dis-like you more and more every time you dress them up. Have you ever wondered why they are always trying to get out the front door. We are their voice. Play with them instead of struggling with them.

    • hellcat says:


      I think it’s all just in good fun. No one usually forces their cats to wear costumes for more than the few seconds it takes to get a funny photo. Costumes don’t harm cats, and I’m sure cats forget they ever had them on in a matter of seconds after they come off. My cats have had a couple little costumes on, and while they certainly don’t like them, they still come running for food and cuddle me every night and I’m sure they’ve completely forgotten about it :)

      • Harold says:

        I agree that these pictures are cute, but I also agree with the person who commented about how much stress this puts on the cats, especially adult cats.

        I enjoyed these photos, yet I would not subject any of my four cats to this experience. It just seems too stressful.

  7. Grandmaw says:

    I think cats , like all of us have a purpose in life and so many people look like they put vinegar in their coffee , so if the kitty can bring a smile and a chuckle to some ole “vinegar-lemon juice swiggin”Bloke why not let him fulfill his-her mission in life. I live alone and laughed so hard , not only at the costumes but at the expressions at the kittys and Ithanks each and everyone!!! May God Bless Them All !!!

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