awesomely nerdy: tardis cat house

I recently got into Doctor Who, and so I find this Tardis cat house pretty awesome. It looks like it’s really well-constructed, and it would serve as some great decor in addition to being a cozy little cat house.

kitty tardis

inside kitty tardis

If only it were bigger on the inside! Then you could stuff some litter boxes in there as well, maybe a dozen or two. Hell, you could have a whole entire kitty suite in there! And I would totally make my cats wear bowties and fezzes.

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2 Responses to awesomely nerdy: tardis cat house

  1. Tracy says:

    where can you get this awesome cat house?

    • pixelcat says:

      I think it’s just something somebody made for fun. I don’t believe you can actually buy it. But if you could, I’d be very, very tempted.

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