maneki neko monday: lucky pixel cats

I am currently participating in the 30 Days of Creativity, and for Day 4 I attempted my first pixel art. Of course, it had to be a cat, and as I worked on it it progressed into a maneki neko. It’s certainly no masterpiece, but I think it’s pretty decent for my first pixel art creation.

maneki neko pixel art by whithersoever

Here are some other pixel art maneki neko that I found on DeviantArt. Which one is your favorite?

Maneki Neko by ichigo-88     Luck Maneki Neko by Romaji     Pixel Maneki Neko by taruto     Maneki Neko by LinnCastillan

Maneki Neko by CrispyCactusKiwi     Beckoning Cat Mascot 3 by DyanneNova     nyanko icon by xxzeldafanxx      

fortune cat by kawaii muffin     Maneki Neko Icon by Jevanni     Free AV: Maneki Neko by A Little Kitty     Good Luck Cat by AcidKitty3     Maneki Neko Pixel by Kitrakaya

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2 Responses to maneki neko monday: lucky pixel cats

  1. Catsparella says:

    Damnit, it’s too hard to pick a favorite..haha. Maybe the first one in the first row, and the second one in the second row. I really like the one you did!

  2. Jinessa says:

    I love the last two but they are all cute!

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