MCL review: catnip toys.

Hello fellow cat lovers, and welcome to’s first product review! Pixelcat and I received a sample toy pack from designer Kate Benjamin over at Moderncat Studio. Moderncat has many environmentally-friendly, handcrafted, and cost-effective products for your kitty. Today, Pickles the Drummer, Clementine, and Dr. Kitty Purrington sampled four of Moderncat’s most popular toys. Which ones came out the champions?

Pickles (obviously) immediately snooped in the box within seconds of me opening it. The organic catnip was potent enough that my cats could smell it through the box!

Pickles tried out a retro orange, boomerang-shaped, feltĀ Atomic Flyer, a multi-colored Felt Roller, and a natural-colored Jute Bomb. The clear favorite for Pickie was definitely the Atomic Flyer. She could dig her claws into and safely chew on the felt, and I really think she liked the unique shape! She did like to bat at the the Felt Roller and chew on the Jute Bomb, but the Atomic Flyer was the clear winner for Pickles.

I made a silly little video of Pickles enjoying her little boomerang-like Atomic Flyer (I will absolutely be buying a full pack of these shapes, I couldn’t believe how much Pickles loved them!):


I can safely say, however, that the Jute Bomb came in close second for Pickles. SO EXCITED:


Kitty quickly chose the polyfill-stuffed small ModKicker, extremely well-crafted and tough for a hunting cat like himself.

He and Clementine (notorious for sharp teeth and sharper claws) both kicked and scratched and bit at the ModKicker, but there wasn’t a single thread out of place when they finished. Toys like the ModKicker that can withstand rough play are especially important to me.

Of course, while I was quite happy to see how much my cats loved all the toys, I personally loved their unique, trendy designs. As Kate says about the ModKicker, “You won’t mind seeing these scattered around your house,” but I feel the same way about all four of these toys! Snobby Clementine was even happy to pose with them all as a fashion statement to other cats out there:

your cat will be eager to show off their new toys!

Look at that model pout! …Or that Catnip-high…

Thanks very much to for giving us these toys to review! They are awesome, kitty-safe, and I highly recommend them! Absolutely fabulous for modern cat lovers like ourselves!

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2 Responses to MCL review: catnip toys.

  1. Kokoro says:

    Way coolio! ke ke ke so funny to see Clementine covered in toys!

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