a caturday collection: kitties & bunnies

It’s true—to some cats, bunnies are a tasty treat. But others like to befriend and cuddle with them! To celebrate Easter, here’s a collection of kitties and bunnies who are best friends!

verinka - My new friend

livinghood - chichi and loklok inspect ballball

draconit1 - sleepy cat and bunny

annetje2009 - Memo and Bunny

kepoh and tua pui take 2 by ravenkhaw

loveshobbits25 - Rex Cat, Rex Bunny

reconstructionist - Gratuitous Cuddle Shot

The Unusual Armrest by Astarlen

Cat and Bunny meet by Pollito is Artzy

The Best Of Friends by MyFurLady

dora_marie - Tigger and Noisette-mai 2008

friends by seraerith

wash by xclown

heke love bunny by ravenkhaw

Ginger and mr usagi by NeonLynxie

Why Hello New Friend by My Little Nightmare

deemacdee - Interspecies love

Kitty Gato and a baby bunny by raych3l

The Bunny and the Cat by Smitsi

Happy Easter, all you cats out there!

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