friday’s featured feline: clementine

For this week’s Featured Feline, I just had to steal the spolight for Clementine (she’d have it no other way).


Clemmie actually has a neat story. Before Pixelcat and I really even knew each other, she found Clementine as a stray kitten. She named her Clementine, both because she was tiny and orange, and in keeping with her other cats’ plant-themed names (Kudzu, Juniper, and Olive!). Clementine was a perfect fit!

little clementine

Pixelcat had to move to a different apartment, and Clementine moved in with a mutual friend of ours. I moved in with this friend, and simply fell in love with Clem!¬†When our lease was up, Clementine came to live with me in a new apartment just around the time Pixelcat and I were becoming closer friends! I’d had no idea Clementine had even been found by Pixelcat.

cuddly clementine.

While all cats know they are the boss of any household, Clementine is absolutely the queen. She just exudes nobility, all prim and proper. Just look at that elegant tail curl!


And make no mistake, though she’s a sweetheart and very playful, she can be a little cranky. This hasn’t changed much since she was a kitten:

grumpy cat

I’ve also never seen a cat that can curl up into a tighter ball than Clemmie can, when she just wants to get away from it all:

clem curled into the tightest ball ever.

Clementine is an excellent hunter. She brings us back many unfortunate prizes. I prefer her to play with her toys. She is always first to catch the golden snitch:

clementine caught the golden snitch!

It’s wonderful to have such a lovely, playful, stubborn cat like Clemmie. She’s so unique, especially in that she never grew much bigger than kitten-size. I’m so happy to have given this little orange a home!

peaceful clementine.

We want to hear from you! Want us to feature your cat(s)? Just send a short writeup and a few pictures to!

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5 Responses to friday’s featured feline: clementine

  1. Kathryn Canty says:

    Clem is so pretty. I’m glad she found a good home with you. It sounds like she and Gizmo are a lot alike, actually. Love her pictures. :)

    • hellcat says:

      i think i like the cranky kitten picture Pixelcat gave me for this post the best. it’s just TOO funny! she hasn’t changed a bit!

  2. pixelcat says:

    Jess and I were actually already living together when I got Clementine. It was about a week after Olive passed away, and we decided to mutually take in Clem, but Jess ended up claiming her.

    • hellcat says:

      i originally had more about that, but pared it down a little to just the basics as not to confuse, hahaha. i tend to get overly wordy!

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