a caturday collection: cats and books

It seems that cats have an affinity for books, though I’m not entirely sure why. Is it the book smell, that some humans seem to love? If in the right position, books can make nice beds, but surely lying on a row of them can’t be too comfortable. I can’t imagine that all those corners jabbing into you feel too nice, but then again, I’m not a cat and cats are strange sometimes.

planning a world takeoverPerhaps they love books for the true purpose of books—the content—and read them while we aren’t looking. (Or maybe they use some type of osmosis, which is the real reason they enjoy lying on books.) Some say that one day, cats will take over the world, so they’ve got to be planning behind our backs.

Whatever the reason, cats like books. And I like that cats like books. So here is a collection of nice pictures of the two. (Click on a picture to see its source.)


cat books by umutvedat


black cat sitting on books


goofcitygoof - bookend cat


chat et livre


Cama de Gato by Jim Skea


stanleymoss - book shop cat


irina_barby - cats in turkish bookshop


black and white kitty book display


stanleymoss - book shop cat


tobelieveornot - kitty on books


Siebe van Ineveld - Sheena and book


fofurasfelinas - sakura


Great Gatsby by Coulter Sunderman


Vicki Ashton - Annika's Education by Osmosis


Kevin Steele - Toby on a shelf


Fenchurch - All Cats Are Grey


frullox - cats and culture


black and white cat and books


Nathan Allworth - Light Reading


ooppssyy - itteh bitteh book of kitteh


faureing - cat on books


i love books by jojobatanesi


show-TA - cat & book


I has all your books by Justin14100


Library Cat by Jibreel


kitten sleeping on books


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2 Responses to a caturday collection: cats and books

  1. Tracy says:

    This post = my ultimate dream. To have books upon books upon books and kittiehs galore! Sprinkle in a few LOL Cat books and it’s even better. ,o)

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