best of swarovski crystal cats

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always loveloveloved Swarovski figurines. As much as I love things like Nascar and wrestling in the mud and helping my old man work on his old cars, I love pretty, glittery things… especially pretty, glittery kitties.

First, we have a beckoning lucky cat, which I couldn’t resist posting in honor of Pixelcat’s Etsy store, luckycatcrotchet.


Here are two cheerful, playful kittens. Look at their glowing green eyes!

These two kitties are part of a neat set where the designers gave the cats names and personalities. This couple is Marie & Pierre. Their description says they are “completely in love!” How sweet!

This playful magenta kitten is named Emily, and she’s described as dreamy and a true romantic. I love how the metal butterfly looks as an accent to the crystal.

This copper-colored cat is named Camille. She’s warm and generous, with a gentle personality and a passion for art. Her sleepy look is just so cute.


These two prim ladies are Ines (left) and Diane (right). They are both fashionable, elegant, share a love of fine jewelry, and are quite proud!

This figurine is much larger than the little kitties prior, which is fitting for a panther with such power and grace. I just love this piece, it’s absolutely stunning.

Unfortunately, I have yet to start my crystal collection, but one day I’d like to. These cats are just impossible to resist!

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