chi’s sweet home

I used to be a pretty big anime and manga buff in middle school. I’ve since pretty much grown out of it, but I still enjoy it from time to time. When I happened upon some episodes of Chi’s Sweet Home on YouTube, I about died from the cuteness and knew I’d found a series that I’d have to check out. Anime cats are just about always cute, and Chi is no exception—she’s super cute and the anime/manga is all about her and from her own point of view.

Chi’s Sweet Home began back in 2004 as a manga serialization in a young men’s manga magazine (am I the only one that finds that odd?). An anime adaptation began in 2008 and each episode is (sadly) only three minutes long. I’ve watched a few episodes and they are extremely cute, though a bit sad at times as Chi is accidentally separated from her feline family and misses her mother.

chi's sweet home - manga excerpt

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The manga has been compiled into seven volumes and has also been translated into English (yay!). It’s received some mixed reviews, but I’d say it’s definitely worth a look—I know I’ll be reading it! You can find copies of it on Amazon, and there are also scanlations available. I may try to find myself a copy of the Japanese version, as I’m sure it’s cutest in its original form and it will make me feel like I’m putting my minor in Japanese to some sort of use, haha.

chi's sweet home

So cute!

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