more introductions!

What’s good in the hood? As Pixelcat has shown off her lovely cats, I’d like to take a timeout to introduce my kitty friends. They are equal parts adorable, brilliant, and insane.

First off, the first cat I’ve owned on my own, Clementine. Clemmie was actually originally owned by Pixelcat and one of our mutual friends, but after a bunch of apartment moves, Clem came to live with me. She’s a gigantic bitch to every other cat on earth, but very very sweet to people. Her hobbies include standing on shoulders and hissing at other cats. She’s also super tiny. Barely bigger than a leaf! Observe:

clementine - fall palette

Second, we have Pickles the Drummer (yeop, after the Metalocalypse character!), the second cat I’ve owned myself. Picked her up this summer at a pet shelter. She’s still essentially a kitten, barely a year old. She is the reason they developed the phrase “curiosity killed the cat.” She loveslovesloves to cuddle but absolutely HATES not getting her way, and makes it well known. Her hobbies include pulling thongs out of the underwear drawer and throwing them on the ground, and screaming.

pickles <3 snow.

Last, but never least, good old DR. KITTY A. PURRINGTON. He’s my family’s cat, and is truly one of the biggest divacats I’ve ever met. He constantly needs attention and loves to play the victim. Also called “the Great Grey Hunter.” He spends most of his time meowing a particularly prissy meow, pouting when he doesn’t get what he wants, and being generally quite sassy.

dr. kitty a. purrington

Thus ends my cavalcade of cats! Look forward to hearing many a story about this cast of characters. <3 Bye, dudes!

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